Becoming an Author: The Most Amazing Thing that Happened to Me


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This is the story of the most amazing thing that happened to me while I was chasing my dream of becoming a published author, with a special guest appearance by Chloe Neill.

2011 was a rough time for me. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I had been dating a guy for years who abruptly left me in a financial lurch. I had very few options, the best of which was to move back to my hometown. So, at twenty-six-years-old, I packed my things and travelled three hours away from a great city I couldn’t afford to live in and a great job I couldn’t afford to give up – all to move in with my parents.

I felt like a failure.

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How I Took Control of My Insomnia


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I know this is typically a writing blog, but for years I’ve suffered from a condition that plagues many writers: insomnia.

For more than ten years, I’ve struggled with sleeping well at night — if at all. 2017 was particularly bad for me. Sometimes I’d go more than 48 hours without falling asleep.

Finally, I’d had enough.

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