I’m Holly Jennings: Author, gamer, and nerd — but not always in that order. My life is a tedious balance between new game releases and how close my editing deadline is. I write a variety of things, but mostly near-future science fiction and second-world fantasy. I also play a variety of games, but mostly ones where I get to hit people.

Welcome to my site.

This is the part where I have to get all promotional and tell you I wrote some books. For some crazy reason, my publisher really likes them and printed a bunch. They’re for sale at quality bookstores everywhere. And Amazon.

What are they about? Well, in a nutshell: VR gaming tournaments in the future. Think Tron on ESPN. If you like gaming, you might want to check them out. If you like eSports, virtual reality, or Twitch streaming, you should really check them out. Hard.

I can’t talk more about them here because I’m running out of space predetermined by the website’s layout. But if you’d like to read about a future where gamers are A-list celebrities and eSports has taken over everything, click the button below this paragraph and Google Analytics will be happy you visited more than one page on my site.