Hello friends and enemies! I’ve been keeping you in the dark a bit about Arena 3 and other books for a few reasons – namely my health. I didn’t want to make promises I couldn’t keep, and until my health got back to somewhat normal, I couldn’t pin down a writing or publishing schedule. At least, not in a way that I was comfortable with until now.

So, my health has been a bit wonky but well enough that I’ve been able to write steadily since February. I’m currently writing two books: Arena 3 and “Project Havoc.” FYI – Project Havoc is a codename for a new novel and won’t be the final title. Titles change A LOT through the publishing process, so I use codenames to help avoid confusing all of you with eight title changes on the same book. 

Writing schedule for 2021

Since this is probably what you’re here for, let’s get into a short breakdown of the plan.

  • Project Havoc – edits July 2021
  • Arena 3 – edits January 2022

If all goes to plan, Arena 3 will be heading into edits at the end of this year. At this time, I’m reluctant to give a release date for Arena 3. I’ve never self-published a book before, so the process is completely new to me. I have no idea what to expect from freelance editing, cover design, and so on. These varying factors make it difficult to predict a finished date this far in advance.

You probably have a few questions, so let me try to answer those for you.

Why are you writing two books at once?

It’s part of my process. I find it makes me the most productive when I have more than one story to work on at a time. If I’m ever sick of one for a few days, I just switch onto the other. Even though I’m writing two books, I actually write more words overall.

But why will Project Havoc be done before Arena 3?

Two reasons: Project Havoc is shorter and simpler. It’ll have a total word count of 80,000-90,000 words and has a very linear, straightforward plotline. Arena 3 will be about 120,000-130,000 words and brings together everything that has happened in the first two books. Not so straightforward. So, it’s going to take me more time to complete.

Will Arena 3 get pushed back again?

If my health goes south again, I may have to limit my writing schedule as needed. But as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing relatively well for a few months now. So, I’m optimistic about this new schedule. Kali might have other plans, mind you. She usually does.

Sometimes when writing an Arena novel, I realize partway through that Kali would have made a different decision. So then I need to go back and redraft large sections of the novel. I don’t mind because it creates a better book. But she is the only character who does this to me.

So there are factors here that might lead to a longer wait. But the good news is I’m actively writing and working on books every day now. Even if my writing slows again for whatever reason, progress is being made. We’ll get there. I appreciate your patience.

Anything else?

I don’t think so – but that’s mostly up to you. If you have any other questions or something you’re curious about, post it in the comments below.

Rock on, gamers.


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