Hello friends and enemies. So, you probably remember that I had surgery two weeks ago to remove a lymph node for biopsy. All the results came back negative, which is both good and bad news. Good news that it’s nothing malignant, but bad news that they weren’t able to pinpoint some sort of infection to treat.

That being said, I’ve started feeling much better now. I haven’t vomited in 9 days, and I even started to put a bit of weight back on. Plus, my blood work just came back normal for the first time in two months. There’s a chance something is still going on because my lymph nodes are still inflamed, but sometimes lymph nodes take a while to return to normal after a long fight.

Currently, I have a few follow-up procedures over the next month that won’t be super fun (including a scope down my throat to ensure there’s no permanent damage done from all my vomiting). But it’s all necessary to make sure I’ve kicked out whatever this is and my body is okay.

I’ll still be taking it easy for a few weeks, but if this continues, I’ll be able to get back to writing and some semblance of “normal” soon.

I appreciate all your support and understanding over the last few months as I focused on my health and getting well again. It’s not guaranteed that I’m out of the woods yet, but things are looking better every day.

Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to all the games coming out soon, whether you’re investing in a next-gen console or not. Keep playing and keep being awesome.

Rock on, gamers.

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