Hello friends and enemies. I wish I had a better update for you. Since mid-August, something has been wrong with my body and doctors have yet to figure it out. I’ve been pretty quiet on social media because I didn’t want to turn all my feeds into documenting my health problems. But I felt it was time to give you at least some sort of update because shit is getting serious.

I’m having surgery on Monday October 5 to extract some lymph nodes for testing. Before you jump to conclusions, the doctors highly doubt that it’s cancer. All of my symptoms are pointing toward some sort of chronic infection. By taking my lymph nodes for testing, they can pinpoint the extract bacterial strain and hopefully get me on the right treatment.

My symptoms have been random and sporadic. Most of the time, I feel fine – just a little tired and worn down. However, my lymph nodes in my lower right abdomen have been going haywire on and off for the last six weeks, and my white blood cell count is all over the place. I’ve also had moments of extreme pain, vomiting, and other gastro symptoms. I’ve been in the clinic three times and the ER three times. Two specialists are involved, and I’ve had a total of 13 medical appointments.

I’ve tested negative for all the “common” infections. I’ve also tested negative for COVID and ectopic pregnancy. All the results from my physical earlier this year were 100% normal and healthy.

We’re scratching our heads here.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I haven’t been working on Arena 3 or any other book since all this began. Between my medical appointments, maintaining my freelance editing business to pay the bills, and needing to rest 10+ hours a day, there isn’t time right now. I’m so sorry.

I love writing books. I mean, I hate it when I’m doing it – but I love the results. I love how much writing pushes me to new levels and gets me out of my comfort zone. So, I really miss that part of my life and I just want to get back to normal. Hopefully the surgery will yield a diagnosis and an effective treatment.

Arena 3 is still happening. Other books are still happening. But I need to take an extended break to figure out what’s wrong and get healthy again. I hope you all understand.

I’ll still be a bit quiet on social media while I’m resting and healing, but I’ll be sure to update you all once we know what’s wrong and we have some answers. Please don’t worry about me. This too shall pass, and I’ll get onto doing better things soon.

Love you all. Rock on, gamers.


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